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Welcome Friends, Old and New !!!

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  • Welcome Friends, Old and New !!!

    We are a small group of old guys with cancer, and a few of the ladies who love us. For years, we had gathered and chatted online in one of the oldest and most popular cancer forums on the internet. Although the board was for all types of cancer, the prostate forum was by far the most active and well run.

    At the end of 2019, completely shut down. Most of its members just disappeared. But a few of us wanted to continue the camaraderie that had been so valuable during the most difficult periods of our cancer struggle. And so, was born, or simply

    As mentioned earlier, we are not a cancer charity, and are not controlled by any business or non-profit. We are a group of cancer patients... many of us functioning with "Lupron brain" (mild cognitive impairment) trying our best to put together and operate a comfortable forum for both PC survivors and those newly diagnosed, to share our experiences and maybe learn a bit from each other.

    We were all new to this at one point. And so it continues. Hopefully, with your participation.
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    Late 2012: PSA 4, age 62 all DRE's 'normal'
    Early 2014: PSA 9.5, TRUS biopsy (false) negative
    2015: PSA's 12 & 20, lots of Cipro ... Mar '16: PSA 25, changed Urologist

    Jun'16: MRI fusion biopsy, RT base, 2ea 15-40-100% G8(4+4)
    Aug'16:DVRP, "broad cut" 11 LN-, neg margins, gland 53g, 25% involved
    multifocal EPE, PNI, BNI, bilateral SVI, pT3b N0
    Dec 2016: Mrs: Dx stage 4 NHL/DLBCL, Primary Bone Lymphoma
    spinal RT boost+6X R-CHOP21+6X IT MTX via LP.
    Remission ended 2020, Follicular NHL. Currently active surveilance.

    Mar 2020: older adult son, T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (TALL)
    Hyper-CVAD + pegaspargase, RBC transfusions in NYC amid COVID-19

    Bone marrow transplant Oct 2020, currently in Remission
    Jan'17: began Lupron ADT, uPSA's ~.03
    May'17: AMS800 implanted, revised 6/17
    Aug'17: 39 tx (70 Gy) RapidArc IGIMRT
    Jan 2018-Jan 2022: PSA's <0.008, T=50
    Apr'18: Dx radiation colitis, Oct'18: Tx sclerosing mesenteritis
    June 2020: younger adult son, small bowel resection
    adenocarcinoma of lower ileum (SBA) w/+lymph node, stage T3a-N1
    Adjuvant chemo: 12x FOLFOX, currently in Remission

    "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you cannot see"