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What's with all the orange banners?

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  • What's with all the orange banners?

    So what's with all the orange banners at the top of the screen? Well, some are obvious, and others no so much. The "if this is your first visit" which will typically show up as the second orange bar when you first visit the forum is - of course - reminding you to sign up or sign in. As a "guest" you will see this on every screen. As a registered member it disappears once you've signed in. Note that you can READ the main PCa forum without signing in and also see the poster's signatures... there's nothing we can do about that one. The decision to leave the main forum open to guests was the consensus opinion of the first group of users who migrated here.

    The bottom banner is the necessary evil disclaimer that is unfortunately required in these litigious times. Everything you read here is essentially nothing more than the personal musings of its members. None of us are known to have any medical training. Since this board is run by volunteers we operate as a not for profit and don't have the legal protection of a charter or other means of dealing with a disgruntled person who might want to blame "us" - the users of this board - for some medical hardship or poor outcome from a decision based upon some bit of information read here. Need we say any more? The disclaimer can be dismissed by clicking the "X" on the right side of the banner.

    The top banner was added after we started looking for our forum on search engines. Much to my surprise, the only information displayed about our forum was either the disclaimer or the "if this is your first visit" banner. It was obvious that web crawler bots were picking up the first line of text from the home page. Stupid robots. So our slogan, if you will, appears at the top of the home page only, that this site is for everyone affected by prostate cancer.

    So that's the story.

    Casualty of 2012 USPSTF recommendations